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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lasts nights thoughts!

My challenge was to do something nice for someone. Thats all.. Pretty simple. I hope you go out of your way to make someone smile or to make someone life just a little bit easier..I did not do either today but I did have the desire.

I pretty much kept an eye out on my email as we are waiting for our Log In Date..During that time, I turned to ER and bawled my eyes out as I watched the episode when Dr. Green dies..

off to work I go. Had to go to an 8 hour class to learn about our new state of the art computerized charting. I ended up having dinner with 3 nurses I know but I don't really know. It was interesting group as one of the ladies wanted a beer as we were not actually taking care of patients. She decided not to as our class instructor ate at the table beside us and thought she would be embarrassed..Good Call!

I would have gotten out an hour earlier, but there some nurses with lots and lots of questions. Now, the lady who taught our class is not clinical. She teaches just the computer think so the 36.5 questions on dopamine drips could not be answered, no matter how you ask them. Its now 12:05am and I am getting up with my Michael at 4:45. I have class until 3 and then trivia tomorrow night..That will be fun..

Hope you are all well. Congrats to Adam and Kim on their annoucement of pregnancy. I doubt he reads this but I am thrilled that they are starting on the great adventure..2 years ago I would not be so happy..Its amazing what God can do! Remember last month when I said I thought someone might be pregnant? Well since then, there have been 3 friends with happy news.

Oh yeah, my new habit with blogging. I take a person from my blogroll. I read their post and I comment. I take one of the other commenters blogs, and read theirs. Then I take one of their comments and read that blog. I could go on and on..Todays blog began with AMy over at Laughing Through the Tears

I have been reading her blog for months and have enjoyed it.
Okay, its bed time..Good night.
Dont forget to encourage someone just for the heck of it.

P.S I have a new blog coming..Same site, different look
P.S.S Season 2 of 90210 comes out May 1st
P.S.S.S I dont have to worry about Sanjay this week, although he was on regis this morning


DebD said...

Amy I thought I had too many blogs in my Bloglines roll, but you take the cake. Will you ever get all the way to "Z"?? LOL

Hope your day is wonderful and the news you're hoping for comes through.

TeaMouse said...

Did you see him on Letterman last night?

He was there to do the Top Ten - Top ten things he learned on American Idol. It was hilarious, and he actually thought he was staying to talk to Dave, so much so that Dave commented on how he didn't think he was going to leave.

Anonymous said...

That's a neat thing to start. I may just have to go blog hopping that way! :o)

Michelle said...

I did something nice for my hubby on Sun while he was out mowing and stuff. He had his work uniforms in the washer - I moved them to the dryer and I took them out and folded them in the basket :) He usually does his own laundry when it comes to his work-out stuff and uniforms so I thought I would be nice and finish his laundry for him :)

JennyMcB said...

That's an interesting way to go blog hopping, beats the next button on blogger! Some of those next ones are a little sketchy.

I loved er when Dr. Green was on! I would have been crying also.

This week is lab week and I am going out of my way to really acknowledge the people I work with. Especially since this is school vacation week and we have a lot of people out on vacation.

How much longer for the new blog template?