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Monday, April 02, 2007


41) my sister lives in Edgewater, Fl
42)My brother travels all around the world
43) I once had a cat named Gizmo
44)I have been to Maine
45) I have seen the Grand Canyon
46) We used to think it was cool to go out to lunch after church
47) I had a sticker book
48)the first record I bought was Karma Chameleon by the Culture Club
49)I remember playing in the playroom in Midlothian Va when madonnas True Blue came out
50)I was born in Gainesville Fl


Karen said...

#43-we too had a cat named Gizmo. A persian. We loved him, but when we were moving once, our apartment wasn't ready so we had to stay with my parents until it was. My dad is allergic to cats, so Gizmo moved in with my godmother, who was home all day. When we got him back, he marked all over our over a month(he had been fixed). My godmother couldn't take him back, so we gave him to another lady who was elderly and could be home with him all of the time. He stopped marking.

#46-we too used to think it was cool. We also loved to go to someone's house for lunch and stay until time to go back to church at night.

#47-me too.

#50-I am VERY jealous! On that note...GO GATORS!!!! Woohoo, Championship Game tonight...and in the ATL!!!

nichole m said...

I *still* have my sticker book from when I was little. I'm a world-class pack rat... ;-)