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Monday, April 02, 2007


31-4031) I have witnessed my sister give birth to 3 babies
32) I have been to London
33) Hubby and I saw Wicked this year
34) My husband took me to see Rent and now its one of my favorites
35) I have a dog Lucy the basset hound
36) I have 2 cats Samson and Delilah
37)When Michael and I were dating, we read the baby names from the newpaper twice a week
38)Michael was my first friend when I moved to Orlando
39)I moved from Edgewater (small town) to Orlando (big town) by myself to start my first nursing job
40)My first nursing job was at Florida Hospital in Orlando


Sparky Duck said...

I will try not to hate you for #33 :)

gail said...

Me either on #33! I want to see Wicked!

Amy said...

I witnessed a cat give birth once! Ha! I have been to London and "lived" on the Isle of Wight for a summer! Loved every minute of it. I loved going through baby books of names. And what's cool is I loved the names Kayla, Rose and Michael. My oldest is Kayla, my middle daughter's middle name is Rose and my son's middle name is Michael! So even though I didn't get to name them I still got my favorite names!!