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Friday, April 20, 2007

Scaavenger Hunt...Starting May 1st

Check out my Scavenger Hunt announcement here! Make sure you sign up if you think you may want to participate. A lot of people are playing which is going to make this a really fun game!

my hubby has an awesome picture for this week taken in January..Check out how he used the theme this week!


Gattina said...

Amy, I just wanted to tell you that the red letters on your green template are very difficult to read. You should put them in yellow or orange, this red is too dark ! I really had to put my nose on the screen, lol ! But I prefer to tell you before others are just going by because they don't see anything.

Larry said...

Another suggestion to consider, as I live on the West Coast in Pacific Standard Time with Daylight Savings Time to boot right now, I am 3-4 hours earlier than those on the East Coast or in Central Standard Time.

Depending on which time zone you're in, for example if you are in EST and post your daily question at 9 AM EST -- it is only 5 AM here on the West Coast. The time difference may affect some participants in the first five respondents part of your hunt.

Hope this helps as I've seen it become a sore point on other memes and contests previously.

I couldn't find an e-mail address on your site to forward this suggestion directly. You mention in the rules that 1 answer posts can be e-mailed directly to you. I assume only participants then will be provided with that e-mail address?

Again, have participated in many similar contests and make these suggestions in a constructive not critical way. There's nothing worse than a nit-picker participant calling foul over some trivial detail and ruining the entire fun of the contest as a result.
Take care, Larry in Vancouver, BC Canada.