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Monday, April 02, 2007


11) I am now addicted to blogging
12) I have been a nurse almost 7 years
13) I work at the 3rd best Childrens Hospital in the country (
14) I have watched Days of Our Lives on and off for almost 20 years
15) I watched every episode of the Real World the first 5 seasons
16) I sing Barry Manilow at work and make up my own songs
17) I love the cran grape juice at work so much I gave it up in 2006
18)My first car I ever bought was a mazda protege
19)My first SUV was a green Chevy Blazer
20)We are adopting a baby girl from China


Sparky Duck said...

what are the #1 and #2 childrens hospitals? though I bet St Jude in Tn is one of them

amy said...

I dont think St Jude is in the top 5 only because it specializes in cancer..I am not sure how they come up with that list..

Im sure CHOPS is up there (thats the Philadelphia hospital). Its supposed to be THE BEST

Karen said...

#11-me too
#14-mine is Young and the Restless
#15-I probably have to. I am addicted to most of the MTV reality shows. Specifically Laguna Beach and The Hills (I don't know why except it reminds me of my high school friends, who also watch, btw) and The Real World/Road Rules Challenges. My husband laughs at me for this:-)

Amy said...

I watched DOOL forever, but quit when my oldest daughter was crying over it! I didn't even realize she was paying attention. I love Barry Manilow~but then again, who doesn't? I used to love the Real World and Road Rules, but I feel they have gotten way out of control. And as a christian I didn't feel right watching them anymore.

nichole m said...

I learned how to drive on a green chevy blazer... the thing was *huge*!!!