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Monday, April 30, 2007

its Monday

Got home from work. Sears dude was to arrive between 1-5. I decided to nap downstairs with Lucy the basset hound and she agreed. So at 845, I fell asleep, assuming, I could sleep until about 1230 when hubby would call and wake me up. Sears called at 1045 to let me know they were on their way. 11;40 they arrived and were here for only about 20 minutes and we gave them a lovely $150.00 Then I slept until 1:30 to get ready for a computer class for work from 3-11. So now, I'm in class and am positive I will be sleeping well.

What have I learned today?
1)this computer class is boring and its really easy money
2)Elizabeth Hasselback from the View announced her pregnancy
3)there are many things going on around the world that I don't know much about and I should.

Well, the hunt starts tomorrow and we have a great list of participants! There is still time to sign up my friends.... Just sign below and look for questions starting tomorrow after I wake up!!! There is hint on Sundays post!!..Its pretty vague but it may help you with one of the questions!!!

Hoping to stay awake,

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