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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ok you guys made me think of another memory. I remember Charlie or Charles chips and this big brown truck that delivered chips and other snacks to our home!! Thanks guys

On to ten on Tuesday

10 things I love or look forward to about Spring

1)the weather..the coolness..It can always put me in a great mood
2)Easter services- always look forward to it
3) Greek Easter- Since being married, I celebrate Greek Easter with Michaels family
4)I start looking forward to the summer
5)Season finales of all the favorite shows
6)the countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas begins
7) the bright flowers
8)the rain. I love the look and smell after it rains
9)I want to go visit the zoo and other attractions this year
10)Cooking on the grill

This was a hard list to do!

On another note, Michael hinted in a post yesterday that he was working on a surprise for me.

I came home this morning, exhausted and found lots of little flowers planted around our mailbox and 2 new Azalea bushes. They look so beautiful.

On another note, I received a Jury Summons today for April 30th. I had to go 3 years ago. The good news is that I do not have to go to downtown Atlanta this time..Yippee!

What about you? What are you looking forward to this season?


Amy said...

Lucky girl! We never had snacks delivered to our door! But I do remember eating Charles chips. They always came in a tin.

What a sweet suprise Michael gave you with the flowers!

I love spring the most and am looking forward to the new phases in each of our lives. My daughter is graduating, my son will learn how to drive and my other daughter is making some life changing decisions right now. And who can forget the newness with the little lambs being born and the buds peeking out from all the trees and flowers! Plus~everything is GREEN again!

Debi said...

What's Greek Easter like? I'd love to hear about your celebration.

Patois said...

You sure start counting down to Thanksgiving and Christmas a lot sooner than me. Heck, a lot sooner than my kids do!

TeaMouse said...

I'm looking forward to Easter, Church celebrations, Dinner with in-law's, our annual easter egg hunt(I wonder if the kids will still want to), waking up Easter morning and making DH some waffles so he has something to come home to after he goes to the Easter Sunday Mass(we'll be at the Vigil).

Spring is a time where I really look forward to getting outside more, planting flowers, walks in the park, picnics and bbq's, sitting on the deck reading.

Last year this time, we were crazily packing to move to our new home - so this spring we can actually enjoy our new space, plant seeds etc.

I can't wait!

Karen said...

Congrats on the flowers, I bet they are beautiful!

I think I am one of the few people that LOVE jury duty! The last time I had it, I got to be foreman. It was great. I later received a notice for the Grand Jury and couldn't wait, but then we ended up moving (military) before it was my time, so I couldn't go:( I think it is a fantastic way to serve our country and do our part to make sure the justice system functions. It's not perfect, but it could be MUCH worse!

My Ten on Tuesday is up as well. Enjoy the beautiful weather:-)

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Michael here - Lover of Amy.

I have NEVER had to report for Jury Duty. I have received notices about 3 or 4 times when I lived in Orlando, but when I called the night before, my number was always in the excused group. I would like to serve, but I think no lawyer would want me, especially after they find out that I can think for myself being college-educated and that I listen to talk radio!

Greek Easter - since you asked, simply means the calendar for the Orthodox church is different from the Roman calendar. Every 3 or 4 years Easter falls on the same Sunday on both calendars as it does this year.

We usually go to my father's house (he was raised in the Greek Orthodox church by his mother, who was born in the USA to Greek immigrants). He'll cook a leg of lamb and some orzo (a delightful rice-sized pasta that you cook in the pan with the lamb to soak in the flavor and top with grated cheese). We'll also have special bread only made in Greek bakeries at Easter, and we'll have the egg-cracking contest to see who will have extra blessings in the new year. This involves taking boiled eggs, dyed dark red, and cracking them against another's egg tip to tip. The last person with no cracked tips wins!

DebD said...

Oh, I remember Charles Chips too, but they weren't delivered. Cool!

So cool that you get to celebrate Pascha too! So, are you doing the all-nighter services AND Western Easter too! You're a trooper.

I am looking forward to having a blue pool (its green and slimy now).

Pascha and Bright week for sure!

Mexico in May

Some backpacking and hiking trips before its too hot.

open windows at night

Russian Olive trees in bloom - they smell wonderful!

DebD said...


I see your answer - very similar to my experince in the OCA (my first Pascha was last year). Do you also have Paskha cheese? Or is that an Eastern European tradition?

Sueellen said...

Great ten, I love spring!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Actually I have never heard of pascha. My only experience in the Greek church myself is attending the annual festivals they hold, and my grandmother's funeral, which was held in a Russian/Eastern Orthodox church officiated by Greek Orthodox priests, one of whom was her cousin.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

My dad did tell me about the midnight services though.

nichole m said...

I love Easter, baseball, baby bunnies that pop up all around our apartment, warmer weather, sandals, skirts, spring colors...


DebD said...

Actually I have never heard of pascha. My only experience in the Greek church myself is attending the annual festivals they hold, and my grandmother's funeral, which was held in a Russian/Eastern Orthodox church officiated by Greek Orthodox priests, one of whom was her cousin.

Ah, it must be an Easter European tradition. The cheese Pascha (which I think is supposed to be spelled Paska) is a sweet cheese with is put into a mold with Christian symbols (Orthodox Cross, ChiRho, etc.) and then served during Bright Week. I have to say that having the day called Pascha (which makes more sense than Easter - but I digress), AND a the eggy bread called Pascha AND and cheese called Pascha is very confusing to this convert. :) LOL.