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Friday, April 13, 2007

What I desire to be

I desire to be a God Follower
I desire to be positive
I desire to be the most encouraging and supportive wife I can be
I desire to be less fluffy
I desire to show unconditional love to all
I desire to put others needs before my own
I desire to be the best nurse I can be at work and to try to give my patients the best experience possible
I desire to make my parents proud
I desire to be a mom who fills our home with love, security, happiness and to create wonderful memories
I desire to be the best friend I can to my friends and to be a better listener
I desire to be a better neighbor
I desire to be a better cook, to be healthier and to scrapbook
I desire to be more organized and to learn how to decorate my house so that it is warm and inviting

I desire other superficial things like getting out of debt, going on a Disney Cruise, making the wait shorter until we meet our daughter so at least I am being honest.

My problem is making all of these goals I do not know how to do them but I can pray and that is what I will do.

If you are reading this, I tag you to try this. Let me know if you do it so that I can read what you desire to be. I want to be an encouragement to you


Lara said...

ooh, i really like this idea... maybe i'll try it. it'll take some serious thought, of course. i'll let you know if i do. :)

Amy said...

These are good goals Amy. Don't be overwhelmed by the list. From what I read I can defintely tell how much you love Michael. I bet you are on your way already to achieving most of these goals!

This is a good thought provoker. I'm going to work on this one too.

Debi said...

Oh Amy, this was a wonderful post! What a fabulous list you put together there! I'm definitely going to do it myself, but I want to spend a little time thinking about it first!
Hope you and Michael have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

You have such a great list there! Don't feel like you have to accomplish everything at once though - one at a time :)

Joyful Days said...

Praying that God gives you the desires of your heart Amy. I will be thinking on this. I have a feeling you are doing a pretty great job.