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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

blah blah

Well, my Michael is sick, as you can read at Valtool's box! Make sure you stop by and tell him to hurry up and feel better.We are hoping he feels better after a nap later, so that we can play some trivia tonight at Winstons, always a good time. Im tired and not motivated at all to clean the house.

Life is crazy. Work is crazy. I have a patient who has a brain tumor. I know what type of tumor it is, what the treatment will be, what the predictions will be. The doctors are to talk to them today. I spent hours laughing with the mom, taking care of the patient and they had no idea whats going on with their sweet little boy. My breaks for them and the other newly diagnosed brain tumors...Ugh.. Cancer sucks. It doesn't affect just the patient but the family and friends as well.

Enough of that! Whats going on bloggers.. I want happy stories..



Anonymous said...

That is such a sad situation. I've known a couple families at my church who had sons with brain tumors. It was a huge trial in their lives. It makes me sad!

Sparky Duck said...

Its March Madness, that makes me very very happy!

Janene said...

Okay ~ here's a happy story. There once was a mom who was so tired that she poured coffee into her 15 month olds son's sippy cup and put the lid on it...went to hand it to him and then realized it was the wrong color. You see these sippy cups change color when something cold is in them. She then snapped out of her trance (briefly) and dumped the coffe for whole milk.

The extra caffine given to my 15 month old would have done nothing to help me get a nap today.

Ugh ~ on a side note...I agree. Cancer sucks ~ Big Hug! Hope Michael's feeling better soon.

palmtreefanatic said...

sorry to hear this sad news!
check out my WW!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Cancer is always hell I think. But there are still some ones that got cured. Let's hope this one is one of those.

Our famous singer Marie Fredriksson from the wellknown Swedish band Roxette has had a brain tumor and come out of it as it seems.