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Tuesday, March 20, 2007




Sparky Duck said...

the wedding day was a stressful mess. But I have 2 moments

1.Seeing my bride for the first time. We took pictures before the ceremony and just seeing her calmed me.

2.This one has been in my head because I have to do the DJ review, but the DJs found Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, it had only just been played on Grey's like 2 weeks before and they werent sure they could find it. I looked up when I heard it and was just able to smile.

Thankful for a lovely wife, since sometimes I do not say what I mean in the nicest way

debi said...

Gosh, there are tons of moments that are etched in my mind, even all these many years later. Most silly little things. We had a totally laid back wedding in my parents backyard. One of the most touching moments to me was when Rich and I were about to leave and my dad gave Rich a big hug and told him he was glad he was part of the family. So not like my dad to show such emotion and affection.

Thankful that I continue to love my husband more each day...and vice versa.

annb said...
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annb said...

Wow, so many!
The most memorable part of our ceremony was probably when Jody, all three of our girls and I stood on stood together on the stage as Jody and I said our vows to each other. Jody and I had both been married before and to the marriage Jody brought his two girls, ages 9 and 6 and I brought my daughter, age 8. It was really special to have them included in the ceremony with us.
There were quite a few unexpected moments beginning with our wedding cake! My Mother-in-law decorated the cake and left it in the kitchen of the church building the night before so that she didn't have to transport it the next day - in that way preventing any accidents during transport! Well, unfortunately, the church building had mice and evidently mice feasted on a small portion of the cake during the night. My mother-in-law did some carving and some re-decorating to fix the cake in time for the wedding! Yuck!
Jody and I, for our honeymoon, had rented a cabin at the lake for a few days. We were about halfway between home and the lake when the front wheel came off the truck - yes, while we were driving - and rolled about a quarter mile down the road. Jody pulled off the road and ran down the road - in pouring rain, mind you - to retrieve the wheel and get it fixed so we could again be on our way!
It was quite a day!
I am thankful that Jody and I didn't give up on our marriage - even though at times during the first few years, we came close! Our "blended" family did not blend well and it was extremely difficult.
I am thankful that we made it over the bumps and trials and that, for the most part, I think our family has now blended well. It helps that each of the girls is a Mom now and can truly understand the feelings that go along with that title!

Write From Karen said...

Ah yes. My husband wearing white socks with his tux. And the photographer, who was horrified, arranged my bouquet at his feet to hide his socks. LOL

I also forgot to buy some champagne flutes for our toast - so we ended up using paper cups. I was so embarrassed!! lol

Kim said...

I had a severe case of bronchitis on our wedding day (25 years ago!) Michael's grandmothers had dosed me up with lots of whiskey and honey to keep me from coughing during the ceremony. I made it through the ceremony fine until it was time to say 'I do'. When it came my turn to say it, nothing came out! Everybody in the church just stared and thought I had gotten cold feet. I finally managed a whisper of 'I do' to everyone's relief. What a way to start a wonderful 25 year (and counting) journey together!!!

DebD said...

I have a lot of fond memories from our wedding day (21 years ago!). But the first one that came to mind was my husband crying at our vows.

I am thankful for a fun family dinner at a local restaurant last night - everyone enjoying each others company and, since we were out, no one rushing away after eating.

Karen said...

I have loads of happy memories. Although, my husbands best man and step brother thought it would be funny to pull the old "we lost her ring" trick. We didn't find it funny, except I was so nervous that something wlse would happen that I got a "nervous laugh" and couldn't stop laughing the rest of the ceremony. On the video, and to the crows it looked like I was crying...but it was laughter. Everything else was perfect though:-)

I am thankful for my husband, our 11 year anniversary is this August!

Uisce said...

oh yeah -- it was the second marriage for both of us. kids on my side, none on hers. my youngest was singing "farmer in the dell" through the whole thing. it's pretty funny to watch the video!

Amy said...

When I started walking down the aisle my future hubby swayed back and forth so much I thought he was going to faint!

I also went to several garage sales that morning too!

Thankful today for a loving husband of 22 years!

TeaMouse said...

I remember my in-law's walking my hubby to be down the aisle and he had the biggest smile on his face that you ever did see, and a bounce in his step!

I was just a wreck, thank goodness for waterproof mascara - but looking up at him as I said my vows and seeing that big smile and twinkle in his eyes, I immediately felt a wave of calmness wash over me.

Today, it's been almost 18 years since we were married and it's still that smile that picks me up when life gets tough.

I married my best friend, we were both 19 and since then we've grown a lot, but the best thing is we've grown together and we're more in love now than ever and we love to spend time together.

I am thankful for having such a wonderful husband and for being able to work with him each day, that is a true blessing!

Michelle said...

We had a small ceremony (as it was a 2nd marriage for both of us) with a few family and friends. Since it was small, the chaplain who performed the ceremony (whom I used to work with in CO) had everyone form a circle around us and we had to look around the circle and really notice who all was there to support us and make this marriage work etc, the circle of was really touching.

JennyMcB said...

The petticoat under my dress had hoops and one started coming out, so the limo driver thought he would help by reaching up under my dress. He meant well, but it was kind of funny.
The day went by so quickly, but we did have fun at the reception.

I am thankful for my husband who isn't sure whether he likes me blogging, but is sooo helpful and supportive.

Kelly said...

Amy since you were there at mine as my maid of honor, you remember DH grabbing our Dad's hand when he Dad came up to give me away. He was soooo nervous, wthought that he was going to faint... And when we got to the reception, the cake make forgot the cake topper, so we had an empty cake for a while :)

I am thankful for my DH... after 8 years of marriage. At times it has been rought, but god did bless me with a loving husband and an awesome dad to our three munchkins.

Cyndi said...

I am so grateful for all of my memories, May 21 is what would be our 8 year anniversary and my second one since Dan died last April ..
I was a grinning fool. especially the part when the song was sung,(Love by Petra) you see me smiling up at him( im 5'1 and he was 6'1.) and i mouthed I love you, and he stopped shaking.I was stressed bride up until I walked out and saw him standing there, then I knew I would be OK. alot of things that could go wrong before our wedding did, i had a bridesmaid get pregnant so the dress she had intitaly would not work and she did not have a reciept, big orderal, a bridesmaid drop out 3 weeks before the wedding, although she kept assuring me up unitl thenm she was going to be able to do it, my dad decided he would not give me away or help finacialy 2 months bfore the wedding, so i was switiching my brother from best man to giving me away.then wedding day one bridesmaid( the quick replacement for the droppout) showed up in her dress but with no slip, and the dress went see through in light, and oh yes...she had on thong wedding singer came running to me saying she was flashing people at the front door.oh yeah i was good ,great,grand ,wonderful.after we covered her behind.and got everything going i had been so stressed i thought i would snap.and then I saw Dan waiting for me.and the way he looked at me i knew I would be fine..when he got sick alot of people thougth I was the strong one taking care of him but he was my strength, and even though he's been gone almost a year he still gives me strength.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

How to choose?

The night before, my bridesmaids and I did a Walmart run at 2:00AM and we all bought toe rings to wear with our bare feet. The next day, I was not showing any nervousness at all...except that my feet were so sweaty (I know, gross) that my toe ring kept slipping off.

The other BIG memory came when the pastor walked up to us before the ceremony and said, "I signed the decorative Marriage Certificate, but where is the official one? That's the one that I REALLY need to sign in order for you to be officially married."

One of my sisters who was also a bridesmaid ended up missing the entire reception because she was back at my old apartment desperately searching for that document. Without finding it, we decided to go on our honeymoon anyway!

Guess where it was? In my luggage. I FedExed it to my dad, who took it to the pastor's house. But the pastor was on vacation! Since we only had a window of time to get the certificate into the state before our license expired, the assistant pastor volunteered to sign the document, even though he was not the one who performed the ceremony.

So now we have a forged marriage license!

I'm thankful that God doesn't require paperwork in order for us to accept His gift of salvation! :-)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I didn't end up having a traditional wedding. We went to a chapel in the mountains, just us and my husband's parents, and got married there in March. The thing I remember most about that day is how nervous I was, and how afraid I was that my husband was going to leave me standing there :) He didn't, obviously, and I've been eternally grateful ever since.

gail said...

Been thinking on this one but can't really come up with anything! It was a long time ago and guess I'll have to say that I was young and probably scared some and it was all sort of a blur to me! I have a great hubby though!
I'm thankful for him!

Indiana Amy said...

Yes, my flowers came and they were not at all what they were supposed to be. Wrong, really wrong, color. The dresses were red, the flowers were pink. There were some extra red roses from something else so my aunt threw together a bouquet as quickly as possible. Not the bouquet I had imagined, but she saved the day, no doubt!

Indiana Amy said...

Oh, and I'm thankful that my aunt was so gracious to do that!

Joyful Days said...

My wedding took place on the deck of my friends lake house. I got my veil caught in the gutter on the way to meet my beloved. It was a HOOT!

I am thankful I got married.