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Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is the end

of the contest that is. Its been fun. In case you are new here, I have had had a simple contest going on the past few weeks. All you had to do is post and tell me what you are thankful for. That's it. The 2 people with the highest points get a stack of free Christian Fiction books from me. I am also going to give random books to other participants, so anyone can win. There were also extra points given to those who posted on the blog of the day or hubby's blog..(REMINDER: VALTOOL'S BOX IS UP TODAY)

So, my tooth feels better today thanks to Mr.Lortab and the kitchen is clean. If I can get the laundry done, I get more blogging time today. I have only worked 1 day this week and I am looking forward to going back next week...Need to build up my PTO time ya know!

Thanks to all who have participated in the contest. There is a lot of counting to do and I am going to try my darndest to post the winners by dinner time tomorrow! FYI, the contest ends at midnight tonight but you have until about 8am to post as thats when I will start counting

I have enjoyed this contest! I love to give things away, especially my favorite books. I love getting to know different bloggers. I have a lot in common with those who are active participants!

I enjoy sharing my feelings. I don't care if no one reads it..Actually I do, but that's a different story

Thanks for playing, if I don't see you back, have a great time.

Oh yeah, the next contest will be a Blogging scavenger hunt with even cooler prizes..Stay tune..Should start at the end of April/beginning of May.It shall be fun!


TeaMouse said...

Thanks for the fun contest! It's been great popping by to see what questions you'd have up and to find new cool blogs to read.

nichole m said...

I hope your mouth feels better... lortab is *good*. ;-) I can't wait for the scavenger hunt!

Amy said...

Yay! I am happy your tooth is better today! I am going to miss the contest Amy. Would you care if I still commented on what I am thankful for that day? I trully enjoy doing that because on days I felt a little bummed it always made me count my blessings and snap out of it!!

I am thankful that Amy wanted us to be thinking of all our blessings during this contest and I am thankful that she is going to do another one soon. And I am thankful for all the new blogs she has introduced us to as well!

Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Thanks for the contest, it was so much fun getting to know other bloggers! I am glad that you are feeling better too:-)

I too have gotten the kitchen clean (plus the family room) so my only remaining project of the day os laundry:(

I am thankful that the water has receeded in my backyard...we DO have grass after all:-) Now when it has dried in a few days, it will be a mile high, but at least the lake is gone so the puppy can run and not swim:-)

annb said...

I have really enjoyed this contest. I made me think a lot - more than I normally do since my mom passed away last month! I'm home all day and I think my mind is wasting away! That is definitely not a slam on stay-at-home-moms - it's just that I have no small children and with only my husband and 17 year old son living here we don't have a lot of mess! I will be glad to go back to work!
I'm thankful that I've met - through blogging - some very interesting people! I'm thankful for the kindness of Amy, who has made me spend my computer time on something other than games! Thanks Amy, it's been fun!

gail said...

It has been fun.....thankful to find new blogs!

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Amy, thank you for your contest. It was great to be able to find other's blogs, and I really enjoyed the thankfulness you created in us! You're awesome! I can't wait for the scavenger hunt. :-)