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Friday, March 23, 2007


Blog of the day! RYAN You may be surprised by this choice but Michael and I both visit this blog regularly. You may need to scroll down to read more blogs, but its worth it. Ryan has some amazing pictures and he has had a rough week. I believe he had to put one of this dogs down this past weekend which makes me so sad. I can not imagine..So, go find Ryan and say hi! He alwys participates in the memes that Michael and I also participate in...

QUESTION OF THE DAY! 2 parts What celebrity interests you? is there anyone you actually like to read or watch or hear about? Part 2: Why do you think we find people in the news interesting?

Dont forget to list what you are thankful for!


TeaMouse said...

Ryan has a great blog - amazing pics...I visit him regularly too.

A celebrity that interests me...hmmmmmm lemme see! I think I tend to be drawn to the couple's whoever is the couple of the brangelina, tomcat etc.

I'm not sure why it is that we are so intrigued with famous people, I mean really we are all the same when you get right down to it. I'm not crazy obsessed with stars like some people get. I don't feel the need to read the gossip magazines, but I usually tune into Jimmy Hollywood for the latest updates. I guess in some way we feel so different from these people that we want to find out anything about them and understand what makes 'them' so special.With the media making them larger than life, they become a part of 'our story' and therefore we are curious how they are doing, did they have a baby is there a breakup imminent.
Happy Friday TGIF!

gil said...

Not really interested in famous people and never buy the tabloids- In many ways I think its sad that so many of them (here in Britain anyway) aren't famous for anything in particular and everywhere you look is more gossip about them.

TeaMouse said...

Ooops forgot the thankful - I'm thankful for going to our Church's musical revue tonight with DH and DD, it should be a lot of fun! I'm always thankful for quality family time.

annb said...

One celebrity who interests me is John Travolta. Of course, the number one reason is because he is so cute! Really the reason I am interested in him is because of his religion - Scientology! I really don't know that much about it, but just the basic concept is interesting to me because it seems so different from others. I think he's a great actor, intelligent and a real family man (if you can believe everything you read!)
Another celebrity which I have been hearing/reading about is Anna Nicole Smith (duh!). I have never been interested in her as an actress or celebrity or whatever she called herself, but the publicity surrounding her following the death of her son, the birth of her child and her death seemed to draw me in to watch the proceedings covering all of that information. It's like watching a disaster - not because it's entertaining or even that interesting, but it seems as though you can't pull yourself away from the intense nature of the publicity! Her life and death were just so bizarre to me and I always wonder how someone could get so far off track! I must say I am no longer watching - don't even know who finally was awarded her body for burial or who the baby's daddy is or any of the other decisions. I guess that disaster, at least for me, is over.
I am thankful that I live a quiet life with my family. I am thankful that we are just average people striving to live a Godly life!

JennyMcB said...

I am really not interested in celebrities, b/c really they are just people who have jobs that are in entertainment. It bothers me that they become news features b/c of something they said or did when you or I could do the same thing except we aren't in the public eye and rich.

I don't know why we find them interesting when we live among people who heroes in their own way without the fanfare. I still don't get the Simpsons or Nicole Richie, why do people care?

I am thankful for my family and the health of my children. Prayers please for the family of a 13 y/o girl that my husband went to a wake for, she died on a field trip this week.

annb said...

I did visit Ryan and realized I had been there before! His Wordless Wednesday photo was my first visit. Thanks for sending me his way again!
I hope this doesn't sound trivial, but I am thankful that we have the ability to take photographs. I would so desperately miss having all the memories I have that are preserved in photos.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm fascinated with Mark Sloan (character in Grey's Anatomy). I'll go and visit Ryan now.

Happy weekend!

DebD said...

Gosh, I don't have any celebrity that interests me.. unfortunately I seem to know way too much about many of them because of the force feeding I get in the check-out lines.

Why are we intrigued? I think its escapism.

I am thankful for the beautiful prayer service last night. It was lovely and humbled me, especially since I was so frustrated when I got there (late) because of the awful traffic.

I keep forgetting to mention to you - we have dear friends that moved to Kennesaw many years ago. Every time I see your blog it reminds me of them.

Amy said...

Thanks Amy, Ryan does have a great site! His pics are beautiful and I was so sorry to read about Remington.

For some reason I am drawn to Reese Witherspoon. I love reading about her (not the tabloids) and I think she is a great little actress. I suppose we find people in the news interesting because 1. If they are the topic of the week then they are on every news show imaginable and 2. Because in some way we wish maybe we had their lives.

I am thankful for Amy introducing us to new and interesting blogs like Ryan's. I am also thankful that our town is not flooding like other close surrounding areas.

Ryan Velting said...

Awww... You guys are SOOO Sweet!!

Sorry its taken me so long to get over here, been a bit of a crazy past couple days!!

Thank you to everyone for the kind words and thoughts about Remington. I sincerely appreciate it. In the past week after putting him down, I've come to peace with it as I know he is now comfortable and without pain. It was tough, but was without doubt the best thing for him.

Thank you also for the comments about my site and photos! I'm extremely flattered.

Thanks again, you are too kind.

Your Friend,

gail said...

Not sure why celebrities interest us, but sometimes they do! Although I'm usually not all that impressed by many of them....maybe it's sort of escapism as someone else mentioned or just that it's interesting to see how other people live and work.

gail said...

Forgot to say, Ryan's pictures are great!

I'm thankful for the beautiful spring we've been having! And a great day at church today.

Karen said...

Ryan has a very nice blog! I hope to be able to visit again.

I am interested in a few celebrities. I adore Reese Witherspoon, and I truly hope she and Ryan can work it out, or that she can find someone to treat her well, as every woman deserves! I am also intrigued by Britney Spears. I have met her before in Memphis, and I hope she can get back on track. She is a sweet girl in her heart, but post-partum can do crazy things to any woman's psyche!

I don't know why I am intrigued, but I am. I do glance at the gossip mags at the Dr's office, in the grocery store line, and at the library:-) Makes you realize that money really doesn't solve ALL of your problems!

I am thankful that we have libraries to borrow books from!