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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yesterday was awesome. After I got home, I slept from 830-10am. Then I got ready and headed up 575 to invite meet some new friends. I was invited to lunch with some ladies involved in Chinese adoption. Some already had their babies and some were sooo close to a referral. I had no idea who would be there, but most of them had blogs I have been reading for months now!

After lunch, I came home and rested for another few hours. I got up and picked up Lucy the basset hound from doggie day care and dropped her off. Then I proceeded to head to Carrabas to have lunch with Laura, another future mommy who is very close to us in the adoption process. It was wonderful to have some girl time and to get to know each other. She is such an encouragement!!! Girl time was over when Michael joined us and we had fun!!! Michael then told me he had Wednesday (today) off and we headed home to watch American Idol.

On that note, my favorites last night were not my usual favorites... I loved Phil and Gina! Who should go? I don't know but my guess for leaving tonight would be:

Chris (the curly headed one)- it was not his best performance. I love him though
Sanjaya- he will always be on my list

We may be surprised and one the popular girls may go..We will see!!!!


TeaMouse said...

And what was with Sanjaya's hair? Boy that kid must go. But tonight I agree with you mostly, Phil surprised the heck out of me - good performance.

I'll be glued to the tv tonight to see the outcome.

Robyn said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for visitin my blog. There are several people where I work who have adopted from China. My brother lives in China and loves it. I hope the wait is not too long for you!

I missed AI so I can't comment on that.

Karen said...

I have AI on TiVo, haven't watched it yet, but I did see clips on TV. That hair was S.C.A.R.Y.

Poor kid.

I am thankful for Better Homes and Gardens. A magazine I never really read, until last month. It has inspired me to try and plant/grow some veggies in pots. I can't have a "garden" for 2 reasons. 1) The dog might dig it up. 2)My phobia of snakes and despite for other bug like creatures. I think I will be ok with plants in pots though. Fewer bugs. Hopefully.

Leigh said...

THey won't let Sanjaya get kicked off, he is a rating ploy!

Cyndi said...

Gina ROCKED last night! :)

PS: we have two beautiful nieces who were adopted from China. :)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Gina was AWESOME! I would love to get my hair cut like hers.

I think Sanjaya is finally coming out of his shell. He seemed like a "nice" boy when the season started, but he seemed too scared to get out and be someone. Now, he's past crying over bad reviews and he's starting to just have fun with it all. He doesn't take himself so seriously anymore. I think he'll be a stronger person but still nice when all of this is over than he was before it started, and I think he would not have had a personality change if he had done well on the show or if he had been kicked off immediately when we all thought he should have been kicked off. I'm happy for him! (Even though he can't sing.)

Amy said...

I'm with you Amy. Those were the two that I thought rocked last night! LaKisha and Melinda are very talented, but they may get boring. And please let that kid be the one to go!!!! Scary!

I am thankful that I didn't tape AI last night and I don't have to look at that scary hair again ;o)

Anonymous said...

I think Sanjaya is begging to be off of the show. (Why else would he have styled his hair that way and flashed an attitude at Simon??) He needs to go tonight but I have a feeling he'll stay around.

gil said...

Living in N Ireland I have followed a bit of your pop idol and must admit the talent seems very high this year

I was blessed today that my ds2 was better and able to go to nursery , also blessed that it loves it

gail said...

Sanjaya needs to GO! I'm sorry it was Chris instead of him.
Melinda is still my girl, I picked her during the audtions!