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Friday, March 30, 2007

my day

So Lucy went to doggy day care and I went to run errands. I had my tooth checked out again because the Lortab did not help last night although the swelling went down..All is well and I will have to have it finished next week.

Next I went to the drs office to pick up a letter. We had our doctor write a letter saying Michaels diabetes is better just in case the Chinese people have questions.

I then went window shopping and found a new skirt and top for church. This was needed. I got home and found out Michael was going to be home early so Michael and I got to pick up Lucy together, it was stinkin cute.

I am watching the news and finally there was something to smile about, but it made me cry. The part I watched was a little 6 year old boy in first grade. He was doing his class work and looked up. His dad, who was serving overseas, came home and he didn't know! The look on this little boys face was just awesome.I would have loved to have been there..It was quite emotional and I am glad the news covered it instead of putting Brittany's toothache on tv!!!

Not much else going on..Lucy and Michael and resting behind me and I have some free blogging time..Michael has been working very hard this week and I am proud of him. I have been wigging out lately..I don't know why..Overstimulated. The tooth ache has really out a dent in my routine and I do not like my routine interrupted..Guess I need to work on that before we head to China!

One more day until the contest ends...Next one begins in May! Its different, its fun..keep an eye out!


Southern Girl said...

I just saw that same news story about the little boy and his soldier father a few minutes ago, on CNN's website. Made me bawl like a baby! I emailed the clip to my little brother, a new dad, and dared him not to cry. ;)

nichole m said...

Nothing makes me feel more feminine than a new, pretty skirt. Beats scrubs any day...

C D said...

Hi Amy ~

Been fun reading through your blog... thanks for stopping by mine :-)

re: the news -- this is why I don't watch the news... I read the yahoo headlines and hear the morning radio stuff... otherwise I just get sooooo depressed! Sounds like the soldier dad returning and surprising his son.. that story was a cool one, though -- that I would like to see.

Karen said...

That story made me cry too!

Glad you are feeling better.

I am thankful for Mexican Chicken. It is my favorite and we had it for dinner. Yummy!!!

Amy said...

Oh, I wish I would have seen that clip! How sweet. I know I would have cried like a baby. I haven't been watching the news much at all anymore. It is way too depressing.

I hope your tooth doesn't give you anymore problems Amy! Don't ya wish you could take Lucy to work with you? I think it would be great therapy. My bulldog would do great with the kids!

I am thankful right now for the xound of my doggie snoring beside me! Really, I am! She brings me joy everyday!