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Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Morning

Monday is here! Woohoo. Had a nice Sunday off from work, after a weekend of drama.

Sunday night had more drama at work then I care to ever see and after working my 11 hours (thanks to daylight savings time) I headed home. I was too tired and Michael is still getting over his illness so we skipped church. I'm off all weekend next week so we will visit then. I took an almost 2 hour nap and got ready to join Valfrey for our final meal with them! Wah!

So Michael and I joined them at Maggianos for long lunch which was both tasty and delicious and full of little babies everywhere. Michael did well in the conversation which has plenty of talk of Union memories and old friends and talk about new online/blogger friends.

They are heading back to Tn and although its sad, I am thrilled for them. After only 4 months in Atlanta, they get to go home to Tn! Let me just say that you can tell God had his hand in this months ago as Jeff has been waiting to go home for almost a decade and marrying the lovely Val certainly helped with this..Yeah God!
We do plan on meeting them in Tn for more fun and to see old friends..We will attempt to stay positive.. Good luck Val and Jeff!!!

Headed home to beautiful weather outside. I was too tired to enjoy the weather so i chilled in the recliner and we surfed the TV!

Dinner was ordered and we sat down to watch Extreme Makeover which was done here in Atlanta, not too far away from here. If you did not watch this, I am sorry. One of the best, most sincere shows I have watched..Gotta love those running tears for a whole 60 minutes!

We ended the day with the end of The Wedding Singer, which always makes me laugh.

On the agenda this week:
1) hoping to finally complete the adoption paperchase. for info on that click here
2) work Mon,Tues, and Friday
3) trivia at Winstons on Wednesday
4) try to let Lucy only eat edible objects and not our personal property. She did wolf down left over steak in less than 5 minutes last night. I was able to get some 10pm exercise when I thought Lucy got Michael's cell phone. After catching her, I found she had a spoon and a left over pudding cup! May you never see our backyard as I have promised Michael I would clean it up for over a month now..
Thats all....


Joyful Days said...

Praying for a good week for you Amy! Hope all that paper gets tracked and nailed down.

Don'tcha just love chasing down a naughty dog??? It is good exercise.


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yes, and the backyard will need to be cleaned up as the lawn people will be coming to treat it in the next week.

amy said...

Im really glad I just read this