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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday's Question of the day

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Which occupation do you think is under appreciated? Is there a job out there that does not get as much credit as he or she deserves?


JennyMcB said...

Here is a plug for my profession: Medical Technologists are under appreciated because to be a MT, it takes four years of college, we draw blood and analyze blood and other body fluids. I have been a Med. Tech for over 20 years and with the advances in instrumentation, everyone wants every test resulted today. The Lab is always blamed if there is a problem with the specimen, when most of the time it's b/c the specimen was not collected correctly or mislabeled.

I am thankful for the professional, caring attitude of the people that I work with.

TeaMouse said...

Gosh, this is a tough question - for I feel there are probably so many worthy professions who are under appreciated in some way or the other.

My husband works as a pastoral assistant and I'm going to give his profession my vote, for many reasons.

1) It's not a highly paid job in any way at all.

2) They work hours on top of hours and there is no overtime. During the busy church year - he works sometimes 4 additional evenings, with not much turn around time in between, and he may also have to be there for all the Sunday masses.

3) No matter how often he is there, inevitably someone will complain that he wasn't there when 'they' needed them etc.

But I give him his props as he never complains and every year he is excited to get an RCIA group, even though it means his schedule is that much more hectic. I work as an administrative assistant with him and when my 9-5 is done. I am done, and I can't imagine all the extra work he puts in - it's truly his calling and not really a career choice.

That being said, I know there are a number of other professions out there who go through the same things, and to all of you who save lives, protect us from fire and more...hats off to you all!

I am thankful for a quiet Sunday with the hubby and kids! When he works a lot during the busy church year I am thankful for all our time together.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

We think that the most underappreciated jobs are also some of the lowest paid and most important to our society as a whole. People like firefighters, policeman and our military personnel. Those people barely make enough to live on, and they put their lives on the line every day for us. It's a horrible injustice, that they do so much and make some of the lowest salaries around.

Great question!

jdoriot said...

Hmmm..the first people I think of are the guys who pick up our garbage! lol!! I mean...ack...pulling everyone's nasty stinky garbage cans over to the truck and dumping them...ack! And when Gus was around, we had a good 20 stinky diapers a that would be well over 100 by the time they got around to pick up the garbage weekly. (Gus had Short Bowel Syndrome and had stooled a lot!) So...yep, I think I'll vote for the sanitation people!!

I'm thankful for the tall skinny garbage man that waves at my kids when they all run to the window to see the dump truck!!

Joyful Days said...

Here's my odd list:
1) Sanitation engineers (you cannot pay me enough)
2) Teachers (and I homeschool)
3) Personal care attendants in any field--childcare, senior care, MR care, urgent and ER care (we assign the lowest pay rates to those who care for our most treasured family members)
4) Parents (I'm just saying)
5) Artists (many more unrecognized that famous)
6) Musicians (with a few exeptions--the famous ones are just a small portion)
7) Ballet dancers (overall low pay, work as hard as any athlete, create beauty, career ends early)

I am grateful for all those who do what I cannot (or will not) do.

DebD said...

I would say Public school teachers are definitely overworked and under appreciated.

I am thankful for....

I luxurious nap today. I'll probably be regretting it at midnight though ;)

Michelle said...

I think teachers are!

Kelly said...

I would have to agree with trash collectors and teachers, but I have to give a shout out to our Awana crossing guards. Our kids wouldn't get safely across at night without them, and they get paid nothing.

I am most thankful for my husband. Today he cleaned out the gutters, the roof, and the 2 decks for a total of 8 hours today!! while I took a 2 hour nap with the kids :)

gail said...

I think I would say teachers....they do so much and here in my state they are very underpaid.
Also thought about saying mothers! I never felt like I got paid enough but loved it anyway.

Today I'm thankful to be home!

Indiana Amy said...

I can answer this easily because I used to do it, social worker. They are paid nothing, even though they never stop working, and no one respects them. They get talked to and treated so poorly by just about everyone, even though you need a very expensive education to be one. Makes no sense at all, but, you defintely don't become a social worker for the status or fame, that's for sure!

I'm thankful that I'm not being treated that way right now!

Melody said...

Interesting question, Amy! I just think nurses top the list.

Heart of Rachel said...

I think janitors because they work hard to keep our surroundings clean but are not given enough credit.

debi said...

Another tough question, Amy! There are so many answers to this one. I think in many cases, you just can't appreciate something you're not familiar with or have personal knowledge of. Not because you don't care, but simply because it just doesn't reach your radar. A few examples that have touched our lives:
1. nurses in general, and specifically nurses in NICUs (talk about stressful!)
2. teachers (so much is expected of them, and they seem to take the blame for much of what isn't their fault)
3. garbage collectors (my daughter and I were just discussing this last week)
4. military personnel (how is it that we can't provide them with the care they need?!!)

Gosh-this list could go on forever.

And I'm thankful for all of them.

Amy said...

Having been through the adoption process I would say social workers. Our adoption took less than a year and in that short time we had three social workers. The sad thing is they loved their job so much but could not afford to live on their salary.

I am thankful for my three beautiful children! We just celebrated our 15th anniversary!!

annb said...

This one is easy for me! This past year's experience with my Mom and the few months she was in a nursing home is a harsh reminder that the people who care for our elderly are some of the lowest paid individuals. The nurses aides work hard and it's dirty, smelly work and yet they are so underpaid! It's difficult to get people who are there for the right reasons - loving and caring for others - because of the type work and the low pay. I think it's a shame that we are so willing to leave our loved one's care to someone who, many times, is only employed as a nurses aide because they are unqualified for any other type work. I do believe that these are some of the most unappreciated and underpaid of any occupation.
I am thankful that for the last six months of my Mother's life, I was able to bring her back home - taking her out of the nursing home - and have her live in my home until her passing last month!

Karen said...

I think there are many, but today I am going to pick funeral home workers. My aunt's father-in-law passed away yesterday after a long illness and stay in hospice. Funeral home workers usually only interact with clients during stressful hard times. I am way too emotional to be able to handle that.

In honor of this post, I will say I am thankful of the time I got to spend with my own maternal grandmother. She passed away when I was in the 5th grade, but she still lives in my heart.