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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Question of the day

If you havent heard of the contest, click here..There is still plenty of time to play, post and refer.. We have some really good comments. and just for commenting one time, you are entered in the contest as I am going to choose a couple random people to win something as well!!!!
On to todays question!!!!!
If you were stranded on an island and could choose 5 objects (not including food) what would you choose?


Joyful Days said...

Am I also to assume not my hubs or boys??? Since you said "objects."

1)my Bible
2)a survival manual
3)a charged satellite phone
4)a change of clothes
5)a good anthology

Good questions Amy.

debi said...

Fun question, Amy!

1. My pillow.
2. A tote full of photos and scrapbook supplies (can that count as one item?)
3. Toothbrush/paste.
4. A nice big world history book, written for the layperson.
5. A boxed collection of the Harry Potter books.

If I gave it a little more thought, my answers might be a little different, but that's what I get off the top of my head.

Karen said...

I am also assuming not hubby or boys, so:

1. Bible
2. unlimited supply of waterproof matches
3. unlimited supply of water filtration pills
4. Roofed hut complete with a hammock that has pillow and blanket attached (complete with a/c and heating of course)lol
5. unlimited supply of bug sprays (both the kind that kill bugs and the kind that protect your skin with suncreen).

Ok, so maybe thats too much, but it would be a semi-luxury island, right?;P

I am thankful for my house right now. Thinking of answers to these questions made me appreciate how thankful I am for a home to keep me safe, dry, cool/warm, and protected from bugs:)

amy said...

Way to go people..and karen thanks for including what you are thankful for. I think you are determined to win the rock

Tanya Nichols said...

Amy thanks for the comment on my WW. I appreciate it!!

my computer, satellite internet, a friend (hehehe you said no food), clothes, and motrin...

Sparky Duck said...

a solar powered generator

thanks for making me blog of the day, im so honored

Sparky Duck said...

today im thankful for DirecTV, its March Madness ya know

jdoriot said...

hmmm...great question!

1. my Bible
2. photos of my loved ones
3. a big, floppy straw hat
4. my camera
5. instructions for making a boat...because I'm sure I would need to get off the island after awhile. This would be a boat used to get around the edge of the island...if I were to get sucked out into the BIG OCEAN I would die! Really, I would pass out from fright and then probably fall off the boat and drown!!

Which leads me to what I'm thankful for....I'm thankful that I have never been on a small boat on the high seas...I'm thankful that I have not had to experience a tsunami. I can't imagine what people feel when they see all that water coming in...ack!

annie said...

Great question!

1. A boat with a motor.
2. Gas for the boat.
3. A GPS
4. Batteries for the GPS
5. Sunscreen.

annie said...

And I forgot to say what I am thankful for today... I am thankful that my Chick-fil-A is done being renovated. They have a double drive-through now! Whoo-hoo!

debi said...

Oops. Forgot today's thankful...

Gotta say the kids today (it is Absolutely Incredible Kids Day, after all).

Stephanie said...

Off the top of my head

A field guide to the plants there
A Bible
fishing pole

I;m practical to the core! And thankful that my husband is not and keeps things fun around here!

TeaMouse said...

1) yarn(lots of yarn) 2) needles to go with the yarn. 3) Rosary(I'll need all the help I can get. 4) sunblock and a hat. 5) my pillow.

I am thankful for my DH

Michelle said...

a toothbrush/hairbrush
good set of books
laptop (yeah I'm assuming I'll be able to get a connection on a deserted island!) LOL

Virginia said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for stopping by my TT! Hmmm, 5 things?

1-an eyelash curler
2-my Harry Potter books
3-a hammock
4-tennis shoes
5-a disposable camera

Deborah Hooper said...

1. my bible
2. a copy of little women
3. charged cell phone
4. matches (don't know how I got them on a plane)
5. a pillow

Come visit me at

Jessica Morris said...

What a great way to get people to stop by your blog!! =)

I would take:

1. My Bible - what an opportunity for reading!
2. My digital camera - I'm SO addicted to pictures!
3. My laptop - to load the pictures onto and for editing fun (because I am addicted...)
4. My tripod - in case I want to take pictures of myself on the Island =)
5. Nailpolish - I haven't yet mastered giving myself a pro looking manicure, it would be a great time to practice!!

Today I am thankful for:

My little brother coming down here to visit myself, my hubby and our new baby! I love my brother =)

G.P. said...

GP checking inn:)

1. My G-d, my Bible
2. My Leatherman Knife
3. My horse
4. Toothbrush, toothpaste, handiwipes
5. My LS Wesson

GP in Montana

Amy said...

1. Bible
2. Pillow~one huge one since I use about fifteen myself!
3. Pain reliever
4. Comfy chair
5. Donny Osmond poster ;o)

Today I am thankful that I might be able to get my hips replaced sooner than expected!!!!

JennyMcB said...

I am going to leave the list without looking at others...
1. Blank notebook
2. pencils
3. blanket
4. teva sandals
5. socks

Melody said...

Great question, Amy!

I'd take:
1)the hubs & daughter
5)foldable mattress, haha!

Ms. George said...

1. My Bible from my college classes (I have notes in it)
2. My Ipod (it has books and pics too)
3. My pillow and blanket
4. a batik dress or two
5. My boxed UK Harry Potters (not on ipod)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

You'd think after all the episodes of Survivor I have watched over the years, I'd know what to take. But, no, I think I'm going for comfort items :)

1) my iPod
2) some of my favorite books
3) soap!
4) clean underwear
5) an air mattress!

Of course, I'd really *need* my hubby and dog. Can't go to any deserted island without them. I'm thankful for them, and for electricity, now that you've posed this question!

Stine said...

2.and 3.Garlic & Pepper
3.A fishing net
4.A microchip lodged in my brain, so I can blog by the power of thought
5.A knife

Food and blogging...

Anonymous said...

Whew! What a question.

1. Bible
2. cell phone (hopefully it would work!)
3. photos of family
4. my camera
5. a tent

I am thankful that I will probably not have to make a decision like this in my life!!!! LOL!

Ginafish said...

5 things, no food...
1. Bible
2. Family pictures
3. Hammock
4. Shovel
5. A first aid kit.

Hmm...I still need matches...I might have to rethink the family pictures. ;)

Nancy the Romancechick said...

Five objects:

1. My cross stitching tote (since all my supplies are already in there! (I'd shove a few unfinished projects in there, too!)
2. My Bible
3. My rosary
4. My alpha smart so I could write (and a USB cable)
5. My husband's laptop so I could upload all the stuff I've written to the computer to empty the AlphaSmart for more stuff!

And today I'm thankful for my husband who guaranteed my love for him when he said in response to my announcement that I wanted to write romance novels, "Good for you."

Indiana Amy said...

1. My bed
2. My toothbrush...I hate that tarter feeling
3. My laptop (hey this is not a real game, we can play with not real ever lasting technology!)
4. My underwear drawer
5. Conditioner...hey, no one likes knotty hair!

Indiana Amy said...

Oh, and I am thankful that my little girl made it through her surgery very well and barely cried.

annb said...

If I were stranded on a desert island or anywhere else for that matter the first thing I would definitely want is my Bible - and of course, it goes without saying - I take God with me wherever I go! The second thing I would want to have with me is a tent! I don't think I would be very good at constructing a shelter by myself. The third thing I would want with me is a fishing pole! I love fish and I'm sure I could catch something to eat. The fourth thing I would want is a BIG Box of matches. I can stack wood, but not sure I could start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. A box of matches would insure that I don't have to eat raw fish, grubs, small animals or anything else - yuck! The last thing I would want is a 2-way radio. I would have something to listen to and hopefully be able to locate someone who can help me off the island!
I'm very thankful that I have a home to live in. I may not have the biggest, most beautiful home on the block, but I have a home(and it's paid for)! It's my safe place to lay my head at night and feel safe!

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Good question! Great way to generate traffic.
So, how long am I going to be stranded? I'd take a huge notebook, pen, blanket, sunscreen, and a giant encyclopedia.
I'm thankful that my husband doesn't fight me for the computer.

gail said...

Hard, I would want more than 5!

1. Bible/books
2. toothbrush
3. matches
4. pillow/air mattress
5. water

something I'm thankful for, my family