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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog of the day and stuff

Well yesterday Michael and I had lunch and went to a movie. Had a hard time picking one out, but chose to see Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage. I do not like action movies but I have seen superhero movies such as Spider Man and Superman and I like Mr Cage. Actually I was surprised that I liked it and that it kept my attention. It had to do with good and evil. Its not one I personally need to own but I did enjoy it.

After that, we came home and made a pork chop/mashed potato/ stuffing dinner and worked on Gone with the Wind for a while. Actually we watched How I Met Your mother first. We went to bed and I had a hard going to sleep.

Michael called this morning to say Lucy may be under the weather as she was so calm when he took her out. I got up later expecting to see a dead dog..Before I could worry, Lucy let her presence be known. She helped me clean up the house although she is disappointed I could not find my keys and told Lucy she was going bye bye.. I left a set of keys in Michael's car so we are here at home, waiting for him to come back..Shes going bye bye tomorrow

okay, on with the blog of the day..Its Anne over at Each Day is a Gift She had a wonderful church experience and has such a positive blog! Make sure you go and say hello!

Only 10 more days until the contest ends!!! Keep it up guys!


Michelle said...

I hadn't seen Ghost Rider yet, but I want to ... thanks for the review!

Amy said...

I love action movies! I can't wait to see Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. But I also love really stupid movies and want to see Blades of Glory or whatever it is called with Will Ferrell!

My baby loves to go bye bye too! But it is funny because on Sundays she knows that she doesn't get to go. Maybe one day they will allow pets in church!

Thankful right now that my kids are making dinner!!

annb said...

Amy, thanks for the kind words! I feel honored to have been chosen Blog of the Day! I am enjoying the contest so much! I have been reading the other entries after I post my answers and it's fun to learn about other people's lives and memories. I'm really enjoying my Blogging experience and love meeting new people. I have definitely enjoyed your blog and have been introduced to so many others through you. Thank you.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

My mom (Ann, Each Day is a Gift) has been telling me about your blog for awhile now. I read all your adoption posts the other day. Very interesting. I love it!

gail said...

Thanks for spotlighting other blogs Amy!