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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thoughts of today and advice needed

Here is something you need to know..Have you guys ever had chocolate air freshner for your car? Its the best and I found a way to get it free.. Here is how
1. Buy a bassett hound
2.Forget to take a chocolate pudding cup in to work and leave it in your car
3.let Lucy have free reign over the back seat!

Advice needed
There are more people reading this blog then our adoption blog but I posted this there as well. Over the next year, Michael and I will need to do a fundraiser to pay for our flight to China. Does anyone have any ideas???


Karen said...

Hey Amy,

I posted some of the ideas I gave you and some new ones on my blog. I know its not large amounts of money, but little bits add up over time!

I am thankful for all of the money I have been able to save for special items!

Indiana Amy said...

You might have a walk, some chili or spaghetti suppers at your church, ask friends if they would like to donate, maybe ask people if they would take jars and put their extra change in their for you. Or give your friends baby bottles and have them do it that way. It's a good reminder of the cause! I'm sure you will find a way. Start saving your nickles!

Amy said...

When we were in need of some extra cash we always had a yard sale! I would also ask friends if they wanted to get rid of anything and most times they would just give me the stuff and let me price it and keep the money! They just wanted it out of there house. I like the baby bottle idea too. We did that at church for the women's shelter. I was able to fit over $20 in a bottle!

I am thankful for the money I have made at these sales. We've been able to go on trips by what we made!

gil said...

Think I'll pass on the chocolate air fresher thanks- lol

What about a cake sale/coffee morning at your church ?