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Monday, March 19, 2007

That's What Friends Are For

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, we are always here for you. There is absolutely no sarcasm in this post. None what so ever. In order to prove that point, I must post another video. Thanks for all of the memories, trivia and phone calls with Val, dinners with Val and all the trips in the future to Memphis! WooHoo
I always liked this song except Stevie with long hair!
Peace out!


Indiana Amy said...

Love Whitney's mullet, whew! What a look. Memory of the song, I was in 5th grade, my best friend Debbie was going to move away and we sat on the phone talking and singing this song for 3 hours because we were so sad. Her family wound up moving just down the street!

Karen said...

I like the song, even though I am not a big Stevie Wonder fan.

I am thankful for my friend Nivah, you know her, and she rocks.

Amy said...

Yeah, I don't like the long hair either, but the song is great.

I am thankful for telephones and knowing that even though friends have moved away we can still hear their sweet voices any time~day or night!

gail said...

I loved this song, way back when!