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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Question of the day

No blog of the day because well I am totally sleep deprived from an excellent day..More details tomorrow!!

Here is the question?

Do you have a junk drawer and whats in it?


debi said...

Two junk drawers here. And they're pretty much full of junk, of course. I'd like to say there were pens in there, but they seem to constantly disappear. Same with the multiple pairs of scissors that are supposed to reside there. You will find a colorful assortment of Sharpies, twist ties, a deck of cards, old keys that go to who knows what, tons of safety plugs for electrical outlets, paper clips, rubber bands, seed packets, an extension cord...

Now I'm thankful that I don't have to clean out the junk drawers today. And also for the peace and quiet of the early morning.

gil said...

I used to have a junk drawer but then I out grew it and have moved up in the world- I am now the proud owner or should that be embarrassed sad person of a junk cupboard which I clear out once in a while when you open it and get hit on the head. The question should really be what isnt in it easier to answer .the answer to that is whatever I am looking for.

Im thankful that I did it on Saturday and that its safe to go in there today- also to the lovely Christian that I'm playing at the moment - if you want to listen its on my play list at youtube - you can find the link on my blog

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yes, and JUNK. Checkbooks, pens, air fresheners, condiments from chinese restaurants, random pieces of mail, take-out menus...

DebD said...

"A" Junk drawer?? Ha! I have several. LOL!

My main junk drawer is the "skinny drawer" and it has:
a lego or two,
nail clippers,
dead battery,
alligator clip,
nail file,
dead glow stick,
dd's lip gloss,
a marble
paint brush
small flat head screwdriver
a domino
a shell
picture hanger
a ruler
a ricola (ewww!)
a few RummyKube pieces
a compass (geometry one)
a milky pen (we still have those!?)

I am thankful for more beautiful weather and wide open windows letting the breeze in.

Sparky Duck said...

how about 2 junk drawers, filled with crap you would find in a desk, starburst, cigarette lighters, and cards.

TeaMouse said...

I used to have a junk drawer before we moved into our house - now it seems I don't have any drawers to dedicate to the junk.

So where's the junk you ask? Probably all piled in my bedroom. I can never see the top of my dresser or night table. Whenever in doubt of where to put something - it ends up in my room. Thankfully no one ever sees it.
I've got my yarn stash, my magazines, my books and so many other craft supplies oh and not to mention!

I am thankful that today we get to go out for lunch. We're celebrating one of our associate pastor's birthday lunch - it should be a good time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do have one in the kitchen, but I need it to store additional kitchen tools, soooo it has to go:( It has a mixture of everything. Baqtteries, pens, pencils, food coupons, scissors, keys, screwdrivers, and assorted other odds and ends. I am putting it all in a large shoe box until I can sort it out.

I am thankful that I got to sleep in an extra hour today! I didn't wake up when the hubby went to work and the extra darkness (provided by rain clouds) apparently encouraged the kids to sleep just a bit longer!

annb said...

A junk drawer? I wish I only one one! My main junk drawer is the bottom drawer in the kitchen and honestly I'm not even sure what all is in it! I know that I have some ziploc bags full of plastic dinner ware. I also have some cookie cutters, because I always buy them with good intentions, but never use them. There are also some child-proof cabinet locks that I bought to put on the cabinets when my first grandchild was born - almost 8 years ago. For some reason, they never were put on the cabinets. I'm sure the rest is junk and I really should clean out the drawer and maybe this will motivate me to do so!
I am thankful for my home. I am thankful for the storage space I have in my home, even when I think I need more! I'm thankful for this question which has led me to believe that I really do have enough cabinet space - and excess junk!

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

My husband has outlawed junk drawers in our house. (He's an engineer.) Those of you who live with or are familiar with engineers will completely understand this statement.

He has tried several times to LABEL the OUTSIDE of my kitchen cabinets. (He calls this "Five S-ing.") He also wants to label the light switches so that we know which light the switch operates! So far, I have creatively avoided all labels, but I nervously tiptoe past the Walmart aisle when he drools over the label makers.

In desperation, I have carefully avoided having a junk drawer. It would throw him over the edge! :-)

I am thankful for the ability to distract him when he gets too label-happy!

Amy said...

What's scary is I have three junk drawers in my kitchen. I actually did just straighten them up the other day. I have junk like kool aid points, keys that I have no idea what they belong to, but too scared to throw them away, a box of red pencils, a broken garage door opener, etc. Pretty sad, huh?

I am thankful that my husband doesn't care if I have 3 junk drawers full of complete junk! He loves me despite it!

JennyMcB said...

By the phone we have a junk draw with:
old eye glasses
address book
basketball pin for air pump
pens, pencils, tape
take out menus
pads of paper

I am thankful that we have a place to put all those things we might need someday!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

A junk drawer in the singular? No. The plural, yes! I have many junk drawers, most notably two in the kitchen. One is mostly "stuff" - batteries, candles, tape, scissors, rubberbands, twistie ties, etc. One is mostly papers (warranty books, recipes, newspaper clippings, coupons, etc). Argh. They continually need to be cleaned out, and yet, somehow -MAGICALLY- I never seem to find time to purge them :)

gail said...

A junk drawer? I have more than 1 unfortunately! But it has junk in it! Tape, scissors, batteries, pens, stickers, paper clips, sticky notes etc.