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Monday, March 12, 2007


Being married is fun. I think back to before I met Michael, and I was different. My lifestyle was different. Perhaps, its been hanging out with Jeff and Val, but its hit me that being married is a blessing. It's a gift and you have to take care of this gift. Its more than just planning vacations and meals. Michael is truly my everything. We even finish each others sentences. Some people say that its interrupting, but whatever.

This all came up because Michael has been sick. puny. icky. hes been home from work. I love days off with him. I love watching movies and talking. Sometimes it encourages me to stay home from work. But, there is a downside. I work night shift. If I am off the night before, I have a routine. Its been a routine since we moved here. Wake up. play with dog. clean kitchen/laundry/go to gym/ lunch/ dog/ nap/ go to work. that's the way I do it. The downside to Michael being sick is that it messes up my routine and I don't know why. The fact that he is here should not make me change my routine but it doesn't. Perhaps its because I am very influenceable (not sure if thats a word but hopefully you understand). Also, if you mess with my routine, I get in a bad routine no matter where I am. That I can't help. So, I am sorry, my Michael, I hope you feel better.

Back to marriage, Michael is my counterpart and when we get back from China with our daughter, he will be even more so. Michael has taken over a lot of responsibilities that's been nice..An example is the air filters. He changes them. I expect him to do that, only because when I was growing up, my dad that. But, I need to thank him for those little things. I'm being quite random today, my apologies.

I love Michael even more than when we took our vow on October 6th, 2001. We have our arguments and disagreements and even tick each other sometimes. We talked the other day about what gets on each others nerves. For example, Michael gets annoyed with the way I tear open the Sweet and Low sugar packets. You may laugh but I bet my dad would saw the same thing. The way I tear it, it gets sugar all over the place. One day I will share what Michael does.

Marriage.. its truly been a great adventure.. Moving, changing jobs, vacations, death of grandparents, birth of nieces and nephews, adoption, plans for the future, house repairs. This is just a small list of what we have done together..

Working night shift is hard but its worked out well for us. We each get our own time to ourselves.

Michael. You ROck! I love you!


debi said...

Can I just say that I love this post?!! The love comes through loud and clear! I love the way you sort of rambled all over the place...because it just showed how you were so full of things you wanted to say about your amazing fellow that there was just no way to keep it all organized. (Hope that made sense!) I'm blessed with an amazing guy and an incredible marriage myself, so I know just what you mean!

Jeff said...

Very sweet, Amy. I can't wait to look back after five-plus years with Val and figure I'll be saying the same things. Being married is just so cool!

Cyndi said...

I love this too. Its so sweet how much you appreciate each other.

scribbit said...

Absolutely, totally agree. Nothing has helped to make me a better person than marriage--unless maybe it's motherhood.