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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Today and the blog of the day

Michael and I just got back from a fundraiser for a couple adopting from Taiwan. We don't really know them but just felt like supporting them. I hope to get to know them in the future. They also had a silent auction in which we got some really cool things. Michael got a couple of golf passes somewhere and I got a purse. We got a huge backyard tent for shade and got one of our nieces or nephews a sleeping bag..We had a nice time and spent some time talking to the host and hostess of our First Friday adoption group, the Chapman's..I really enjoyed myself!


Okay, the blog of the day goes to Mommy of Three

Why? a) she has been posting a lot on my blog
b) she went to Union University the same time I did, we share the same friends, and yet we did not know each other
c)she has 3 kids and I love to hear stories about kids
d) she does not have fancy template and I still read her blog all the time because she participates in so many memes

So, stop by and say today. Remember, you get a point for visiting the blog of the day, if you are participating in the contest. To clarify, if you are the blog of the day and are participating in the contest, just go and visit a random blogger who answered the same question you did.

Also, if you are not participating, go say to Mommy of 3 anyway..She's really funny!


Karen said...

Thanks Amy! You are too sweet.

I am thankful that today was such a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cold, and a nice mixture of sun and clouds. Just gorgeous.

Indiana Amy said...

I've visited. Yes, I did. :)

Thank you for saying my blog is positive. I try to keep it that way. Way too much negativity floating around this Earth as it is, gotta send out some postivite vibes. :) And, my past is forgiven and my future is assured, I've got lots to be happy and thankful about!

jdoriot said...

I think it's neat how God brings like-minded people encourage each other along the way. Neat!

debi said...

So glad you all had such a good time!
And I'll bet they really appreciated your support!

Joyful Days said...

I went. I visited. I left a comment. Because she LIKES BOOKS!! Anyone who likes books is my friend! Lovely person with such a nice blog. And did I mention she likes books???

Can I be grateful for books again? I'm just asking.

Or I can be grateful that I can READ books!!

gil said...

I dropped by must remember to visit again - really nice blog

annb said...

I did visit the "BLog of the Day" and noticed she is from OK! It's always fun to find others from my own state. Oh, and the fight between the kids was great! Brings back lots of memories!

Amy said...

Just got back from visiting! Her story was really funny about her boys! She asked us to mention that she sent us over to visit you! I already do anyway, but if this will give her an extra point then so be it!

I am thankful for blogs that write stories about their kids that makes me realize we are not the only crazy family out there ;o)