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Sunday, March 25, 2007

My thoughts

Nope this is not another question or blog of the day or another meme or list!

As you may have read over at Valtool's Box, one of Peter's (michaels BIL) cats passed away last night. Its very sad because he had been suffering and he will be missed.

On another note, Michael is gone to work for a few hours today and I have some time at home by myself. I am currently watching 90210 reruns and having some quite time with Lucy while I blog, my new favorite past time.

Work was busy this weekend, but not too bad. I took care of a patient with a newly diagnosed brain tumor a few weeks ago and she is back in the hospital to start her chemotherapy. The type of tumor she has has a great prognosis and I love the family. Friday night, I have never seen her this patient happier or with a better attitude. We laughed and shared some stories and I am glad I went to the oncology floor to visit her Friday night.

Last night, one of the nurses from the floor called to tell me the chemotherapy hit her..She was SICK SICK SICK!!! I hope this passes and she continues with her wonderful attitude. They are a Christian homeschooling family and I adore them. I pray that my children can be half as joyful as this family is. Isnt JOYFUL a wonderful word? Its funny? When you get to know these families, you wonder how these families cope. They go from a child who is active in school, playing with their friends, to having chemo weekly, getting sick and weekly doctors visits..What a life changing event? This has really been on my mind. We need to also pray for the siblings who are also affected by cancer...I must say again CANCER SUCKS!! Sorry if I offended anyone!

Did anyone catch Peyton Manning on SNL last night? heehee I rarely watch that show but had some free time at work..He didnt mess up too bad.


JennyMcB said...

I am from New England and got so sick hearing about poor Peyton that I cringed whenever I heard his name. However, after last night's appearance on SNL, Peyton is a funny guy. I have changed my opinion of him and thought the show was great.

Second that on Cancer sucks, there just isn't a rhyme or reason for who deals with it.

Enjoy your day off! Tomorrow I start in Blood bank again per diem.....and will have to become competent again to draw blood. But it's some extra income for us!

gail said...

Oh I missed Peyton on SNL and meant to catch or tape it! Will have to poke around online and see if I can find some of it on youtube or something. There's always reruns I guess.

Jane said...

It is so good to get some down time isn't it? what a worthwhile job you have. and yes, I agree cancer does suck.

DebD said...

I did not watch SNL.. I don't usually, but I did see excerpts on the news Sunday. Pretty funny.

I agree Cancer sucks.

Michelle said...

Yes cancer does suck! I'll keep this girl in my prayers; sounds like she has a great attitude!

Amy said...

Ah yes! 90210. I remember that show! Good times.

To tell you the truth, I hadn't thought of the siblings before. I always think of the patient and their parents. But it definitely would affect brothers and sisters. I wil remember that from now on.

Yes, I saw Peyton and thought he did a great job! I saw a different side of him, that's for sure.

I am thankful this morning for having a great weekend as I was able to get out twice and enjoy church and the weather!

gil said...

Cancer is an awful illness and recently it seems to be affecting so many people I know , family friends, neighbours, my prayers are with this family

Karen said...

I missed Peyton on SNL. I heard it was funny though!

I also agree that cancer sucks. Brain tumors, too! My next door neighbor as a child passed away from one when he was 5, and his family fell apart. My nephew had one when he was young, but he is fully recovered now at 16.

I am thankful that researchers have come up with cures/medications to treat at least some forms of cancer. Early detection is the key....get regular checkups for yourself AND family members!